The FemmyCycle enhances the quality

of women's lives

FDA Cleared

How to use the FemmyCycle

Eight tips to ensure proper insertion/removal of the FemmyCycle

  1. Relax completely when inserting and removing the cup.
  2. Find your cervix. To find your cervix, visit and go on FAQ Q #3.
  3. Stand with one leg raised on a toilet seat or you can sit on the edge of the toilet seat.
  4. Insert the cup very slowly to allow the cup to partially open. The cup is designed NOT to open completely.
  5. Lubricate the rim with KY jelly or coconut oil.
  6. Make sure you urinate/empty your bladder before inserting the cup.
  7. When using the (C fold) or any other fold, keep the opening of the fold either towards the rectum or the bladder whichever work best for you.
  8. During removal, squeeze the bottom of the cup to break the suction.

Remember: there is a learning curve when first using the FemmyCycle—you will learn the proper placement with trial and error in your first cycle or two. With persistence and patience, you will find that the FemmyCycle is a great convenient method to managing your monthly cycle!

PDF Usage Instructions for FemmyCycle

FemmyCycle Usage Instructions Video

FemmyCycle Instructional Animation