FemmyCycle Review – What’s Not to Love?

The following article is written by Heidi Speare at MenstrualCupReviews.net


Although the menstrual cup has been around for ages, it is just now coming around full circle where it is accepted as a viable alternative to other feminine menstrual hygiene products. With this new-found popularity more women are discovering what makes the menstrual cup so beneficial, and what they have been missing out on all this time.


The Femmycycle menstrual cup produced and manufactured by the Femcap Inc. corporation is a new and up & coming menstrual cup product that has not been on the market very long, but that is garnering much attention for being a product with the greatest market potential.

FemmyCycle Special Product Features:

In the two years since the Femmycycle debuted on the market, it has received an exceptional amount of positive reviews, has even earned several awards, and has established numerous accreditations for being a significant breakthrough product in the menstrual cup industry. It boasts a number of features that make it unique and appealing:




  • FemmyCycle is offered in 3 sizes (more details below)
  • Available in Twin Value Pack and Single Pack (2 Femmycycle cups, and a single Femmycycle cup pack)
  • FDA Approved and Established in 2012
  • Special Spill-Proof Design Makes Leaks Impossible
  • 2013 Award Winner at the BioCom Medfest Expo
  • Made from Medical-Grade Silicone
  • Reusable with Shelf-Life of a Year
  • Is only available in the clear cup color

FemmyCycle Specs and Sizes

The Femmycycle cup is available in single pack and in a twin value pack.


1 Femmycycle menstrual cup (lasts a year), retail: $39.99


2 Femmycycle menstrual cups (lasts 1 year each), retail $59.99


The Femmycycle menstrual cup comes in 3 sizes to accommodate the variations between a female’s unique body and personal menstrual care needs:

  • 1. Teen (Small Model – 17.5 ml) – The Teen Femmycycle cup is for teenagers who have just started their periods, are virgins, and who also are familiar with the use of tampons. The Teen Femmycycle is the smallest size made for light- medium flow.
  • 2. Regular (Full Size Model – 30 ml) – For women with an average level Cervix. The Regular Femmycup is for women that have been sexually active or had children, this is the regular size that is long, holds the most fluid, and that accommodates a light- to very heavy flow.
  • 3. Low Cervix (Shorter Model 30 ml) – For women with a low Cervix. The Low Cervix model and size of the Femmycycle cup is specifically designed with a shorter cup size to be comfortably worn by women who have a low cervix or short vaginal canal. It can be used for any type of flow.



Choosing the Right Femmycycle Cup Size

For the best leakage protection and most comfortable experience with the Femmcycle menstrual cup, the manufacturer recommends that you “check yourself” to see if you may have a smaller/larger/shorter vaginal canal and cervix.

Check Yourself –
Stand by the toilet as you prop your leg up (with knee) bent and take your index finger and place it in your vagina.

  1. If you cannot detect your cervix with your index finger inserted as high and far as it will go. Then you have a high cervix or a normal cervix and it is best recommended that you use the high cervix/regular size Femmycycle cup for best use.
  2. If your index finger touches your cervix, then you most likely have a cervix that sets low in the vaginal canal. Your best option of Femmycycle cup size is the low cervix model.

FemmyCycle Starter Kit –

If you not sure if you have a low curvix, you can get the starter kit – that contains one regular and one low cervix.






Insertion and Removal Instructions

Many females become turned off by the learning curve of using the menstrual cup properly. This can cause them to ditch a product without giving it the opportunity to work adequately.


The Femcap. Inc website for Femmycycle notes the learning curve and provides some extensive instructions and details for inserting and removing the cup properly to provide customers with the best odds of using their feminine hygiene product properly- I find this extremely novel of them in their best way to honestly present and market their product.

These clear cut instructions make it very easy for anyone to understand to properly utilize and benefit from the femmycycle array of advantages:

  1. When you are removing or inserting the cup it is key to relax completely.
  2. Make sure your bladder is empty before inserting or removing the Femmycup.
  3. Stand with one leg propped up (on the toilet) while inserting and removing the Femmy cup.
  4. Get familiar with your cervix- even if you cannot touch it the Femmy needs to gently cradle your cervix to adequately collect menstrual fluid.
  5. When inserting the Femmy cup be sure to perform this slowly, the cup is meant to open a bit- but is also developed not to open all the way.
  6. It helps to lubricate the Femmycup to ease the insertion process use a 100% safe lubricant such as coconut jelly or KY.
  7. When using the C-fold be certain that the C open point is directed towards your rectum.



The Pro’s of the Femmycycle Menstrual Cup

Femcap Inc. provides clear-cut instructions on using and caring for their Femmycycle menstrual cup product on their website and included in their product packaging.
Instead of 2 sizes like most menstrual cups, the Femmycup is offered in 3 sizes to provide more options of a better fit for women.
25% larger collecting and holding capacity (40ml) than any other cup on the market.
Not stiff, and very flexible in comparison to the Keeper, Evacup, and Divacup
It has a ring instead of a stem that is not intrusive and that enables a better ease of removal than products that have stems or bulbs at the base.
The ring consisted in Femmcycle also makes this menstrual cup easier to clean.
The transparent color of the Femmycycle cup allows you to see what needs to be cleaned in comparison to other products that are available in colors and made out of other materials.



The Con’s of the Femmycycle Menstrual Cup

The strong suction of the cup can cause the Femmycycle cup to invert, causing a mess while removing it.
Because of the lack of tiny holes in the rim, sometimes it fails to open properly to enable the fit required to avoid leaks.



Customer Reviews, Ratings, and Testimonials

When I looked at all the pleasant reviews posted throughout the Internet on Femmycycle, they confirmed that BioCom accurately predicted this menstrual product’s bright future. As more and more people are discovering the Femmycycle, consumers are selecting it prominently over other menstrual cup brands and proclaiming it as the #1 best menstrual cup.

“It works as promised. I had to try it a few times to get it right. Read the directions that come with it. I’ve used mine for about 8 months now and love the freedom. Plus it actually made my flow lighter.” (Amazon.com)

“I gave it 5 stars! When I initially received the product I was a bit nervous about trying it out. When I first started using it, it was a bit awkward, but I got the hang of it and love it! I prefer it over my Skoon Cup. It can be worn partially collapsed and has a spill guard on top. I liked the idea of the top and feel more comfortable wearing it at night. No leaks and can’t feel it. Don’t get discouraged, keep trying it out (dry runs are great). If not this cup, try another, but this one is FANTASTIC. I bought it directly from the company, their customer service is great if you have any questions about the product!” (Amazon.com)

“I just finished my first trial with my menstrual cycle and I simply loved it!
For folding, I used c-curve and had no problem inserting after trying a few times. I didn’t feel any pressure at all. Lube helps when inserting. The ring is very helpful when taking it out. Cleaning is also easy. Just empty it and I like to wash mine with feminine wash under warm water.” (Amazon.com)

FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup FAQS

“If my experience with the Femmycycle is less than satisfactory, can I return the Femmycup for a refund?”

Because the Femmycycle is intimately used, once it is used we cannot except it as a return. The Femmycycle cup is non-returnable for the better safety of everyone.

“Can the Femmycycle be worn during sexual intercourse safely?”

No the Femmycycle menstrual cup is not designed to be worn safely when taking part in penetrative intercourse.

“Why is the shelf-life for the Femmycycle menstrual cup only a single year, while there are other menstrual cup brands that last for 10-15 years?”

The Femmycycle is made out of a safe, medical grade silicone that is very durable. But it is also softer than some other brand models on the market, and is more pliable and flexible for your better benefit of comfort, insertion, and removal, and overall use. It is exposed to normal wear and tear and is not as effective after a year’s time period on average. Additionally, it is just good practice and for the greater good of your health to avoid infections to replace your femmy cup regularly.

“How does Femmycycle prevent menstrual odor?”

Because the femmycycle collects instead of absorbing, the fluid scent is not released into the air. This helps to prevent menstrual odors.

“Does the Femmycup touch my cervix at all?”

No. The femmycup when placed accurately, will sit right below your cervix comfortably and properly.

“Is there a special size available in the Femmycycle to accommodate a femle with a short vagina or a low cervix?”

Yes. For women who have short vaginas and a low cervix- femmycycle has designed a low cervix size which is ideal.

“Can I use the Femmycycle menstrual cup if I have an IUD?”

Yes. The Femmycycle menstrual cup can be compatibly and most safely worn & used by women who have IUD’s.

“Are there any risks of obstruction in the opening of the Femmycycle by blood-clots?”

The vacuum seal effect of the Femmycycle allows blood-clots to pass through without problem.

“What holding capacity does the Femmycycle have?”

The Femmycycle menstrual cup boasts the largest holding capacity of any other menstrual cup available on the market. It can hold up to 40 ml of fluid.

“How can I make the process of inserting the Femmycycle menstrual cup easier?”

You can follow the instructions that came with the Femmycycle cup, and also use a safe, natural lubricant to make it easier to slide in and out upon insertion and removal procedures.



About FemmyCycle Company

Femcap Inc. is based out of San Diego, California and was established in 2012 by founder and CEO, Alfred Shihata. Alfred Shihata developed the company’s main product- the Femmycycle, menstrual cup. The Femmycup has received high praise for its rave performance as a menstrual hygiene alternative to tampons and was recently awarded and recognized as the most innovative product with the greatest market potential at the BioCom Medfest Expo.

The Femmycycle was explained as a “game-changer” by chief nurse executive and Biocom Medfest Judge, Lorie Shoemaker. She also furthered her statement by proclaiming that the FemmyCycle is, “simple, safe, money sparing, and it saves the planet and can save your life.” The company’s motto is “What is there not to love about the Femmycycle?”



FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup; What is not to love?

Even though it is a fairly new menstrual cup to be introduced to the market, the Femmycycle cup is making large strides in catching up with the menstrual cups that have been around longer.

It offers an array of benefits that make other brands of menstrual cups pale by comparison.



Where to Buy The FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup

We do not directly sell the Femmycycle Menstrual Cup. However the Femmycup is available in its full selection at various retail stores in your area. You can also purchase the Femmycycle cup discreetly online.

Great Reviews from MenstrualCupReviews.Net

MenstrualCupReviews.Net created a list of the 10 Best Menstrual Cups on the market. We made the list and we wanted to share some of the reviews from our valued customers.
Esther Noel wrote on September 17, 2015 at 10:58 pm
“Of all the menstrual cup femmycycle is the most comfortable. It seems I have a low cervix because I kept feeling the rim of the other cups. The low cervix cup is just fantastic, the other cups were a nightmare for me.”

Joyce wrote on October 6, 2015 at 4:25 am
Overall Rating: 5 stars.
“I absolutely love this over the other products. With other diva cup designs, on my heavy day, I had to empty 3 to 4 times, but with this it does not leak and I can go a much longer time without emptying the cup. Also, with the other cups, I had to make sure the opening was open, not clasped, but for this one, I just need to make sure the c-fold is open. It is designed so that it does not need to be opened all the way in order to work, and removing the cup is much easier than other cups. Overall, this cup gives me much more freedom and less worries about leaking. I wish I knew about the Femmycycle earlier. I would recommend this to anyone.”

FemmyCycle menstrual cup

FemmyCycle menstrual cup stops leaks and spills.

Lau wrote on November 13, 2015 at 4:07 pm
Overall Rating: 5 stars.
“In short – I LOVE the Femmycycle! It is amazing and I recommend it to all my female friends with moderate to heavy flows. Before the Femmycycle I would be afraid to go anywhere without a pocketbook full of pads and tampons and even extra change of pants just in case. Now I have no fear when it comes to leaking. I can now work-out on my period whereas before I would laze about praying I wouldn’t leak! So happy with the Femmycycle! I’m almost excited when I get my period now because I know it can’t stop me from my usual routine!

I’m 28 with a 5 year old child and ordered the regular size. I knew I had a high cervix because my doctor mentioned it to me, and my cervix also faces backwards. (It’s high enough to a point where I cannot even reach it with my middle finger!) I’ve never used any type of menstrual cup and didn’t even know about them until I stumbled upon an article by accident. Decided to try it because I was sick of pads rubbing my private area raw and the leaking and also tampons because they leaked too and I needed a backup pad anyway so there was no point. So when I was on my period I would never go anywhere, I would stay home in fear that I would leak and be embarrassed. If I did go out, I’d have a pocketbook full of tampons and pads which is embarrassing on its own. Tampons hurt going in, hurt coming out, it was a miserable experience with my 6 months of using tampons. I ordered the Femmycycle and Diva Cup at the same time and tried the Diva Cup first. I could NOT get it to fit right. The suction from it hurt and the ribs around the stem were painful (but necessary to have something to grab onto!) so after 3 tries I just took it out because it hurt and I couldn’t get it to open up properly so it was uncomfortable. I tried the Femmycycle and took me 3 tries to get the technique right, took no time at all to figure out! Even if you don’t put it in the same exact way as before, it still works! I change it every 8-12 hours and it’s usually about half full on my heavy days. And since it isn’t drying like tampons, if I don’t insert it right, I can just take it out and do it again! No pain!
I use the c-curve, I find that’s the best one because I tried the 7 fold and the tulip fold and it just didn’t sit properly and wouldn’t open up the right way so the blood went around it.

I put a little bit of coconut oil on the outside of my vagina and none on the actual cup. I found putting it on the cup made it too slippery and hard to hold to insert. It is easier to do in the shower than on toilet because the angle is different but I still had no problems either way after a few times.

I’m on my second cycle with it. Only problem I had was it flipped upside down once – but admittedly it was my fault. I was over-confident when inserting and did it too fast and placed it crooked so the ring I would need to grab was already sideways against the wall and I put it in a little too far. Even though it was upside down, it STILL didn’t leak and it was on my heavy day! Didn’t hurt getting it out either, I just contracted and relaxed the muscles a couple times and was able to put my finger through the opening of the cup, hooked the lip of it, and pulled it out (at which point it did get messy since I had to open the leak guard to grab it) but it was not painful at all and I was over a toilet anyway so cleanup was no problem.

I love this product.”

Interview with FemmyCycle Inventor, Dr. Alfred Shihata

RDO Medical UK Ltd had the opportunity to interview FemmyCycle Inventor, Dr. Alfred Shihata.

The following is an article by Leah, who works at RDO Medical UK Ltd.

What started out as a small unmet need for women has grown into a great demand, as countless women are making the switch from disposable menstrual products to menstrual cups. In the health and eco-conscious world of today, women no longer want to use bleached and chemically treated pads and tampons. They are looking for safer, more environmentally and economically friendly options.

As the demand for menstrual cups has increases, new companies are popping up to meet this demand. However, while small improvements have been made, the funnel shaped design has remained almost identical in more than 40 brands of menstrual cups.

FemmyCycle designer, Dr. Alfred Shihata, a renowned gynecologist from Scripps Memorial hospital in San Diego, CA, decided it was time to go back to the drawing board and create a truly physiologically and anatomically accurate cup that would make menstrual cup use even more accessible to woman.

Leah: Dr. Shihata, what drew your interest to the topic of menstrual cups?

Dr. Shihata: Well, about 16 years ago, my team and I invented the FemCap which is a cervical cap. With backing from US government grants, we designed and put into production an innovative barrier contraceptive device a new generation of health conscious women.

We actually had many FemCap users ask if there was a larger FemCap that could be used as a menstrual cup. Of course, the FemCap itself should not be used as a menstrual cup, but it inspired us to take a look at this interesting subject.

Leah: What was your first impressions of menstrual cups?

Dr. Shihata: I was impressed but also a bit confused. We ordered samples from many different manufacturers, and while the concept is undoubtedly better than traditional menstrual products that absorb blood, we were also curious as to why the funnel design is almost identical in the vast majority of menstrual cups on the market.

Leah: You don’t think that classic shape is best?

Dr. Shihata: It’s true that these menstrual cups are functional and work for many women. As a gynecologist and as a designer, I tend to look at things from an anatomical and physiological perspective.

Mittens are simple to produce and keep your fingers warm. But when you study the anatomy of the hand you see that gloves would be a far superior design.

We wanted to create a highly functional cup according to the actual anatomy of a woman. Our goals were simple – a cup that has a high capacity and is still very comfortable. The shape of the cup plays a big role in achieving these goals and that’s how we came up with the notably unique bulbous shape.

Leah: So you reinvented the menstrual cup. Impressive! Can you describe the differences in the FemmyCycle cup as opposed to other cups?

Dr. Shihata: First of all the FemmyCycle does away with the funnel design. Using that shape reduces capacity and makes the cup much longer than it needs to be. So the first visible difference is that the FemmyCycle is more of a bowl shape. This results in a greater capacity in a shorter length.

The wider bottom also has another logical benefit. When a cup tapers out and becomes narrower closer to the entrance of the vagina, it is more likely to be expelled, particularly when you cough or sneeze.

Another obvious difference is the no-spill design. Rather than just relying on a tight fit to stop leaks and overflow, we designed and patented a no-spill neck. This can be tipped, rolled and inclined and no liquids escape until you want them to. This means you are more likely to be able to run, jump, swim, sleep, and just live life without any leaks. It’s also handy that when you remove your full cup, you know the blood won’t splash over the edges of the cup.

Leah: Is it true that the period length could be shortened when using a menstrual cup?

Dr. Shihata: Let’s talk about the suction, or “Pull-Factor.”

We’ve found that the length of the menstruation can be reduced if the blood is drawn out, rather than just waiting it to make its way out at its own pace. We are backing this up with medical studies being conducted on our behalf with our research colleagues at Simons College at Boston MA.

A very light, subtle suction applied to the cervix has a very positive effect on menstrual flow.

That’s one of the main reasons we did not add air holes in the FemmyCycle design —to take full advantage of the suction.

By the way, the second reason for no air holes is simply hygiene. Air holes are notorious for getting clogged with old menstrual blood that is hard to clean. These holes have very little benefit, but have the potential to harbor lots of bacteria. So we did away with them completely.

Leah: When an experienced cup user first looks at the FemmyCycle, it’s clear that this cup is completely different.

Dr. Shihata: All other cups are based off the same design. Interesting fact, that is why they don’t need a patent. Our patented cup is completely different, and we hope it addresses the shortcoming found in other cups.

Several version of the FemmyCycle were tested and we used that feedback to perfect the design.

We now have three different size cups, each diligently designed for maximum comfort. We have a smaller cup, a regular cup, and a shorter cup for women who have a low cervix. Until now menstrual cups were generally quite uncomfortable or even unsuitable for those with a low cervix.

Leah: So the large size is for women over 30 or those who have given birth, right?

Dr. Shihata: Nope! The enlarging of the cervix and the dilation of the vaginal canal during childbirth does mean that women who have given birth usually need a larger cup. But I really have no idea why some cups say that turning 30 years old suddenly makes your vagina larger or looser. I have 35 years in the field of clinical gynecology and I have treated thousands of women. Nothing happens between the age of 29 and 31 which changes the structure or form of the vagina.

Each women is different, some have a tighter vaginal canal, some a wider canal, and we have cups to suit each individual need.

Leah: What is unique about the low cervix version?

Dr. Shihata: As many as 30% of women who have given birth have a low cervix, and some women just naturally have low cervixes. Most of the time a women won’t even realize her cervix is low, but when inserting a funnel shaped menstrual cup the stem of the cup protrudes outside the vagina. Ironically the companies that designed the long stem recommend that it should be cut, making removal even more difficult. The FemmyCycle Low Cervix is wider and shorter than all other cups, and the removal ring is much shorter. This results in a high capacity cup that fits below the cervix and is comfortable and easy to remove.

Leah: Thanks for taking the time to speak to us here at Ethical Family Planning. We really appreciate it.

Dr. Shihata: My pleasure!

lc fc instagram

Can a woman with a low cervix use a menstrual cup?

At one time, it was difficult for a woman with a low cervix to use a menstrual cup. To understand why, we need to understand what it means to have a low cervix. In general, a low cervix rests less than 2 inches from the vaginal opening. A woman’s cervix can also be higher or lower based on where she is in her monthly cycle. During ovulation, the cervix tends to rest a bit higher than usual. During menstruation, the cervix rests closer to the vaginal opening which can make it even more difficult for a woman with a low cervix to use a menstrual cup.

To determine whether or not your cervix naturally rests higher or lower in your vagina, wash your hands and insert your finger into your vagina. The cervix protrudes into the vagina and feels like the tip of the nose with only one opening or dimpled surface. Once you find your cervix, note how far you were able to insert your finger into your vagina before feeling it to determine whether your cervix is low, typical or high. Note: Do this procedure about five days after the last day of your period to ensure the position of your cervix isn’t being affected by your monthly cycle.

If you do have a low cervix, menstrual cups aren’t usually an option for managing your menstrual flow. FemmyCycle, however, has a new menstrual cup designed especially for women with low cervices. It’s the shortest, yet highest capacity menstrual cup available. The low cervix FemmyCycle is slightly wider so it still guards against leaks—even on your heaviest days. It’s also made of the same soft, medical-grade silicone as the original FemmyCycle so you can easily fold and insert it.

The tulip fold can make inserting the FemmyCycle Low Cervix Menstrual Cup easier.

The tulip fold can make inserting the FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup easier.

The low cervix FemmyCycle will be available in early August 2014, so check our website and social media pages for more information. In the meantime, we have a review from a user in Sweden who tested our new design:

Hello! I’ve had the great opportunity to try the low cervix FemmyCycle, via Birgit Linderoth, and I promised her to let you know what I thought about it. I got it right from the first try and had no problem at all getting it in the right position. I can imagine, though, that some women may find it a bit tricky to learn how to get (not too little and not too much) air into the cup.

I was happy to experience that it did not leak. Only one night, but right then I bled very, very much. I didn’t feel it and it was very easy to remove. At the end of my period, though, when the bleeding was very light, it kind of created a vacuum which made it a bit painful to remove. This problem, however, was solved easily by pressing on the sides of the cup to release the suction.

I have looked around pretty much on the Internet and also tried a couple of menstrual cups, and I honestly think that the low cervix FemmyCycle is the only cup you can use successfully if you have a low cervix and bleed much because all other short cups have a very low capacity. I also like the concept with the spill free design. It’s much less messy. I will definitely keep using the low cervix FemmyCycle. I am very, very pleased with it! ☺

User Review | The FemmyCycle Blog

FemmyCycle is turning the blog over to a guest reviewer this month. Chelsea of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota recently tried our menstrual cup and had this to say about her experience:

“The first time I tried to put it in was tough because it was so wide and I have never done the C-fold. I tried again later that day and finally had success. Once I got it in, it was great…couldn’t feel it! I expected that because it was so wide that it might be uncomfortable but it actually was quite great. It’s soft and high quality material, so I think that made it easier.

Also, I REALLY like the ring for getting it out. That made a world of difference. Also, the unique design that allows you to pour fluid out was really handy. I felt secure knowing it was sort of spill proof. Really enjoyed using it and loved that it was simple to clean. After the year is up, I will likely be purchasing another. And I have already recommended it to several friends!”

The FemmyCycle is apill-proof

The FemmyCycle has an innovative lid that helps prevent leaks and spills.

Thanks, Chelsea! We’re glad you like your new cup and hope your friends try the FemmyCycle, too. If you’re a FemmyCycle user and would like to share your experiences, please leave a comment for us.


Using the FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup: A Review

Birgit Linderoth is a mid-wife and a distributor for FemCap Scandinavia. As an advocate for natural family planning methods, Ms. Linderoth has promoted our FemCap cervical cap for many years. Recently, she assisted us in marketing the FemmyCycle menstrual cup in Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia. She also assisted us with an acceptability study where women of various cultures and ethnicities rated the FemmyCycle.

Midwife and FemCap Scandinavia Distributor, Birgit Linderoth with FemCap, Inc. Founder, Dr. Alfred Shihata

Midwife and FemCap Scandinavia Distributor, Birgit Linderoth with FemCap, Inc. Founder, Dr. Alfred Shihata

Ms. Linderoth shared a few comments from Jenny, a Swedish FemmyCycle user who participated in our acceptability study. (Incidentally, Swedish women had the highest acceptance rate for the FemmyCycle among all groups surveyed so far.)


Thank you for all help! I managed better with the cup yesterday and today. Still had a problem with insertion (Good Tip: use a lubricant)*, but when inserted it has been better.

First it has not been leaking, which is very good. I have had only bad experiences with my old cups which leak a lot as soon I lay down. Yesterday and today, I have been able to move normally without any leakage. I do not think I have a low cervix, so I do not think I need a shorter cup. The removal ring is very important for easy removal which is another problem I had with other cup models.

I think I can say I finally have found a menstrual cup that really works as well as I think it should. I bought my first cup more than eight years ago. I have changed between different cups and then gone back to tampons again. I think I will practice so I can insert the FemmyCycle in a simple way and will start using some lubricant.

Kind Regards,


Thanks to Jenny and Birgit for this month’s blog!


*The FemmyCycle is a soft menstrual cup designed to hold even the heaviest flow. If you’re having difficulty with insertion, remember to fold it, hold it nearly parallel to the floor, and use a lubricant such as KY Jelly when inserting.

FemmyCycle menstrual cup

FemmyCycle User Review

About a year ago, FemmyCycle received an email from a 13-year-old girl named Jessenia asking us for a sample of our product. She was kind enough to give us a user review that we would like to share with you:
I started to use the FemmyCycle while I was still 13. I am 14 now. To completely master the insertion I use the tulip fold. It took about 18 days of use to get used to the feeling and inserting and removing. It took a while and some coconut oil to get it the first time. And it was slightly painful to get out. (I was a little scared and most likely tense.) Because I am still a virgin and I am younger, to remove the cup at first was painful. After my third cycle with the cup I was ok for inserting and removing. When I use it, I can feel that something is in me. But as for discomfort with the cup, I feel none!

The biggest reason I wanted a FemmyCycle was to get rid of all the waste from tampons. Plus the cost! I feel that my favorite part of the cup is that I am able to sleep peacefully at night WITHOUT leaking. I have NEVER leaked. I was kinda shy to try the cup because I have such a heavy flow for a girl my age, I was scared it would leak! But it hasn’t leaked at all.

Because I love the cup so much and use it so often I do actually wear it to school, swimming, and cheerleading practices and games!!! I have actually gone about 14 hours with it due to the fact I just didn’t have time to drain it out and clean and re-insert. But I still didn’t leak! But on a normal not so busy day I change it every 8-10 hours! This is great because I am always busy and I don’t have to worry as much as with tampons and pads. The cycle of changing it starts like this: wake up and insert (6:30am) and at like 5:20pm I change it. And I am good all day and night till the morning!!!!!

The cup has changed the way I look at my period! No longer is it a hassle to deal with! I feel better and more active than ever before even with tampons! The FemmyCycle has never let me down!!! Thanks so much for sending them!!! 

FemmyCycle is available at http://femmycycle.com/get-the-femmycycle/

How do I insert a menstrual cup?

How do I insert a menstrual cup?

It’s frustrating when you’re having trouble doing something, and someone says, “Oh, but it’s SO EASY!”. When you insert a menstrual cup for the first time, it can be challenging. At FemmyCycle, we want to show you how easy it really is.

Hint: Forget what you saw in middle school.

Those plastic models of the female reproductive system they showed you in school? They’re a little misleading. They give the impression that the vagina is a straight up and down sort of organ. Well, it isn’t. You’re vagina is slightly angled regardless of whether you’re sitting or standing, so inserting the FemmyCycle or any other menstrual cup straight into your body is not only uncomfortable–it’s nearly impossible.

femmycycle insertion

FemmyCycle inserted into the vagina. Notice that the vagina is angled. That means inserting the FemmyCycle or any other menstrual cup will be a lot easier if you hold the cup almost parallel to the floor during insertion.

Okay. Now let’s talk about “The Fold”. People make a really big deal out of this, and we’ve seen a few interesting variations, but the C-fold is the one we like. If you have a FemmyCycle, look for a the little notch in the rim. That’s where the center of the fold is going to be. Now just fold the FemmyCycle in half so it resembles the letter C. That’s all there is to it. Now, holding the cup almost parallel to the floor, slide it in at an angle. If you have it in correctly, you should not be able to feel the cup. If you can still feel it, push it in a little more.

FemmyCycle C-fold

The C-fold is a popular way to prepare the FemmyCycle for insertion. This method is commonly used for other cups as well.

 Learning to insert a menstrual cup is totally worth it!

Menstrual collection cups really are a safe, COMFORTABLE and eco-friendly alternative to pads and tampons. If Every woman used a menstrual cup, we could keep nearly 20 billion pads and tampons out of the world’s landfills each year. And because menstrual cups are reusable, they help save money, too!




FemmyCycle menstrual cup

FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup Reviews

What our users are saying: FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup Reviews

We’ve received some really great feedback about the FemmyCycle recently, so this month we’re dedicating our blog to our users’ FemmyCycle menstrual cup reviews.


“It’s not often I’m impressed enough with a product to write to the manufacturer to say Thanks. But this time, I gotta.”

“I’m honestly delighted with my FemmyCycle cups.  I’ve used other cups in the past and was happy with them – but because of a shoulder injury that limits the use of my right arm, I struggled with positioning and removal, and had to give them up. The FemmyCycle’s design eliminates both issues. The self-popping design and the loop on the bottom mean I can use the product easily – whether I’m using the weak injured arm or using the clumsy, non-dominant left arm.

Thanks so much for making the product available.  I’m telling all my friends about it.  This is a great product, and I wish everyone knew about it.”



“When Dr. Shihata was kind enough to send me the FemmyCycle, I thought I would have to wait for awhile to receive them…I was wrong, they arrived in two days. That in itself showed me how proud he is of his product…and he has every right to be.”

“If you are familiar with menstrual cups and think you know everything there is to know about them…you really (and I am included) don’t know anything. Number one: they are made of a thin silicone, rather than a thick one.  When you pick them up, you feel as if you are holding air.  And there are even more unique differences:  the cup has a “lid” which keeps the fluid in the cup until you empty it…which I love, because as you sleep at night, with traditional cups, the fluid flows back and forth, between your cervix and the cup, and when you stand up in the morning, that is when leaks can happen.  With the FemmyCycle, that won’t happen.

Now, some women may have a problem with opening the lid to pour the contents out.  I truly don’t have a problem with it.  It is a by-product of our bodies, and there is nothing “gross” about it. The second thing: the cup does not pop open all the way…it does not have suction holes, so these two points may make some women nervous.  But I have encountered problems with the suction holes. Sometimes the suction is so strong that you can’t break it no matter what you do, and I had to literally pull it out.  The Dr. understands that our muscles and our own anatomy will keep it in place, and the FemmyCycle cup does not need the suction holes. To be continued…”

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Inserting the FemmyCycle

How does the FemmyCyle prevent leaks when it doesn’t open completely?

To understand why the FemmyCycle doesn’t open completely, you need to understand that the vagina is a flexible organ. It has the muscle to deliver a baby as it expands to many times its size during labor—but when a woman isn’t having a baby, having sex or using a menstrual cup, the vaginal walls are collapsed.

Enter the FemmyCycle. It’s made of soft medical-grade silicone and isn’t designed to “stand up” to the walls of the vagina. Instead, it’s made to conform to the natural shape of the vagina in its semi-collapsed state. The vaginal walls form all the seal you need to prevent leaks. The FemmyCycle’s funnel-shaped lid guides the flow into a small opening leading to the device’s cup. Flow is further drawn out by a mild suction effect that occurs when the FemmyCycle returns to its original shape upon removal.

When the FemmyCycle’s soft, one-size-fits-all* design meets your body’s own unique shape, you get a safe, form-fitting seal that protects underwear, pants, pj’s, bed sheets, bathing suits—whatever!

FemmyCycle 8.5x11

Learn more at: http://menstrualcupinfo.wordpress.com/about-femmycycle/

*While the FemmyCycle is one of the shortest menstrual cups available at 2.5 inches, it cannot be used by women with low cervices because it will rest alongside the cervix and not collect the menstrual flow. If the distance between your vaginal opening and your cervix is shorter than 2.5 inches, you will not be able to use the FemmyCycle.