The FemmyCycle enhances the quality

of women's lives

FDA Cleared

About The FemmyCycle

The FemmyCycle is available at the FemmyCycle online store, and select stores.

No-spill Design

The FemmyCycle ® is a receptacle placed in the vagina to collect blood and cellular debris discharged from the uterus via the cervix during menstruation. As the name implies, Femmy means for women only and Cycle means we've created a new way to help you stay fresh, clean and confident during your menstrual cycle. The FemmyCycle is a unique, soft, medical grade silicone receptacle that collects menstrual flow for up to 12 hours.

Environmental Impact

The average woman will discard between 250-300 lbs. of tampons, pads and applicators into the public landfills over her lifetime.

Cost Comparison

The FemmyCycle saves money, too!